Building Lasting Relationships

Lynda has been a licensed builder since 1991, she has constructed and supervised the construction of numerous log homes and the remodeling of homes. She has a 2 year degree in Architectural Design. Between the knowledge she has acquired as a builder and her experience working closely with other contractors, Lynda can share invaluable insights.

Lynda is also a licensed builder.

When they're not enjoying the open road on their Harleys, Lynda and her husband, Glenn, enjoy the simple pleasures of working on their home or cooking a nice meal together.

The Sound of Success is Booming Loud and Clear

As one of the Tri-City area's successful real estate professionals, she experiences a different kind of excitement, which comes from helping home buyers and sellers achieve results that exceed their expectations.

Combining a thorough knowledge of real estate and the local market with the right business and personal skills, Lynda is able to negotiate transactions that achieve the best results for her clients.

The freedom of the open road has appealed to Lynda Booms since her childhood in Bay City.